Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And So the U. S. Comes to Lib(erate)-Ya, with Predictable Results

Foraging for firewood in Afghanistan 3 weeks ago, nine Afghan boys aged 9-15 were killed by Americans from the air. Allegedly they were mistaken for terrorists. Now Barack Obama., not satisfied with military intervention in three Muslim countries (at least), feels it is in the American national interest to intervene in a civil war in a Muslim country in Africa. To no one's surprise, allegations already appear that the U. S. has shot more civilians there. From Telegraph.co.uk today (Libya Live blog):

16.15 The US Joint Task Force Commander has just refused to comment on our reports that six Libyan civilians were shot by US rescuers. Admiral Locklear said that an investigation into the rescue mission had been launched and he would say nothing until it was complete. When pushed, he also refused to comment on whether any shots had been fired. He was fielding questions during a US press briefing.

15.59 Events are moving fast so let's clear up any confusion. This is what we know now. Two pilots crash landed in a field near Benghazi this morning. One was handed over to rebels and then given to US officials before being taken to the USS Kearsarge in the Mediterranean. During the rescue of the second pilot a US heliocpter shot and injured villagers. This pilot is believed to be "safe in American hands" at an unknown location.

It's time to break out 1960's folk songs. When will they ever learn?

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