Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Employment Surges, but Where? Take a Guess . . .

An unexpected surge in employment has finally been found in this country, other than shipping off to the mini-surge in Afghanistan:

State Unemployment Claim Systems Overwhelmed
Growing number of jobless workers strains, sometimes knocks out unemployment filing systems
By RICHARD RICHTMYER Associated Press Writer
ALBANY, N.Y. January 6, 2009 (AP)

"Electronic unemployment filing systems have crashed in at least three states in recent days amid an unprecedented crush of thousands of newly jobless Americans seeking benefits, and other states were adjusting their systems to avoid being next."

"About 4.5 million Americans are collecting jobless benefits, a 26-year high, so the Web sites and phone systems now commonly used to file for benefits are being tested like never before. Even those that are holding up under the strain are in many cases leaving filers on the line for hours, or kissing them off with an "all circuits are busy" message. Agencies have been scrambling to hire hundreds more workers to handle the calls."

Every cloud has a silver lining?

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