Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Geithner Must Go (Not Arrive)

The New York Times continues to push to make the appointment of Mr. Timothy Geithner appear inevitable. Its latest writeup is titled, "Geithner's Skill May Trump Tax Issue".

There is something wrong with this title. What is wrong is that everything important that Mr. Geithner has been involved with in the past year has failed. So where is the skill?

There is a howler in the Times article. What do you make of this part of it?

"On Oct. 17, at a New York hotel, Mr. Obama and Mr. Geithner met for an hour and talked about policy and personal matters, according to accounts of the session. . ."

"Obama advisers say the candidate “fell in love” with Mr. Geithner, in the words of one, while a Geithner associate said Mr. Geithner reported being “smitten” with Mr. Obama. “They both have that kind of quiet confidence in their demeanor,” the associate said."

DoctoRx here. "Fell in love" and "smitten"? Is this Brokeback Mountain come to the Potomac?

In any case, Mr. Geithner is a failure at his current job and a tax cheat. For him to become Treasury Secretary would be bad for the economy. It doesn't matter whether Mr. Obama loves him or how many Senators rally round him.

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