Sunday, June 14, 2009

DoctoRx Reviews "Animal Spirits" on Naked Capitalism

Readers may wish to visit and scroll down to find a guest post by me on the book "Animal Spirits", or click directly to that post by clicking here.

This invited guest post is a follow-on to the May 10, 2009 EBR post titled Yves Smith, "Animal Spirits", and the Big Lie Technique.

Yves Smith, proprietress of Naked Capitalism, requested that I not comment on her in this book review she posted today; therefore the reworked version that more thoroughly focuses on the book rather than a theme.

I am beginning a review of "Wall Street Under Oath", by Ferdinand Pecora, with a focus on the current financial crisis rather than on the 70-year old book per se, and anticipate that this may also receive an airing on NC.

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