Monday, August 3, 2009

Federal Auto and Roads Policies Make No Sense

In case you were under any illusions that happy days are unequivocally here again, here is proof that Barack Obama knows how to destroy jobs as well as create or save them. The U. S. Government, which controls more than half of the "new" GM, is reported by today to be planning significantly more layoffs. The article is brief and therefore there's no point in quoting from it.

What sense does it make for America to be borrowing from whomever wants to lend it money to repave roads but then try to save a few bucks by laying off the line workers and supervisors who manufacture the cars that ride on the roads; and then borrow billions more to destroy serviceable "clunkers" while stimulating sales of new cars?

The whole thing is an incoherent mess. This is what happens when socialism mixes with corporatism, both overlaid on a background of free-market capitalism.

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