Thursday, October 29, 2009

U. S. Pushing Pakistan Toward Chaos as Dollar Traders See Policy Incoherence in Washington

The U. S. has been forcing an essentially bankrupt Pakistan to accept money to stay afloat on the condition that it fight our war for us by attacking their internal Taliban in South Waziristan. These Taliban are somewhat like our rural Appalachian citizens. The feeling I get from Pakistan's press is that it is a sophisticated country far more worried about India than what they regard as their hillbillies. Now there is carnage in town, all in retaliation for the civil war U. S. forced Pakistan to wage. A civil conflict is brewing there. Mrs. Clinton has just arrived. The trajectory is that of Viet Nam. Advisers, etc. The U. S. is widely unpopular in Pakistan.

For a view on the subject from der Spiegel in Germany, click HERE.

The French Government thought it had pulled off a big win when it went heavily into debt to help the fledgling United States gain independence from the British. What of course actually happened is that soon enough, language, historical and cultural ties won out and the special relationship between the U. S. and England was formed. As for the French, a financially-strained country soon turned to internal terror. A system of government that had been stable for centuries--which is how they got so many Louis's--was torn apart, leading to decades of turmoil.

It can't happen here . . . can it?

In its current time of economic difficulty, when Citigroup may be entering receivership one way or another, the U. S., as with any country, needs to be certain that it can afford to wage and win a war in a remote part of the world, even if that war is justified (no comment on that part). I am skeptical that both of those conditions are true, much as I disapprove and more than disapprove of the Taliban and of course al Qaeda. And I am disappointed that Barack Obama--who should in good conscience refuse the Nobel Peace Prize given that he has ramped up wars in two countries only months into his first year as President--has pursued policies in Pakistan that have already led to the deaths of hundreds of innocents, probably with many more to come.

Al Qaeda is gone from Pakistan, but we remain despite being greatly disliked. U. S. strategy is to rebuild Afghanistan on China's dime while we have more and more homelessness in this country. It's not a coherent strategy-just like Cash for Clunkers and homebuyer's tax credits. Any wonder why the dollar is sinking against trade partners that are not wasting money on foreign wars?

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