Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pressure on Tim Geithner Increasing

Courtesy of Naked Capitalism comes the good news that liberal/progressive Dems are catching on that Mr. Timother Geithner is a catspaw of Big Finance. Click HERE for the link to that post, which itself has a link to a video clip of Representative DeFazio of Oregon.

Sometimes the world just has to come to you. While TG is not a goner, his rep keeps declining.

When this blog began late 2008, Tim Geithner was a target because of this ties to Big Finance, with the tax troubles felt at EBR to be a sign of the inner water-carrier coming through.

Meanwhile, reports absolutely miserable polling data re hiring/not hiring and daily elective spending. For most people, it may be that the depression has not really ended. If the economy can't soar with a zero-ish Fed funds rate, that would be a Japan scenario. The real winner given the one-dimensional thinking of the Dems: gold, because then more "stimulus" would be baked in the cake.

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  1. DeFazio's comments are welcome, but I'm still very disturbed by the lack of public engagement on Obama's fiscal policies. People are mad about Geithner's giveaways to bankers, but not mad enough to put real pressure on Obama/the Fed to change course. At this point, anyone who can should opt out of the big banks and join a credit union, pay off credit cards, and conduct citizen actions against local foreclosures. We need a movement, people.