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The Culture of Corruption Is Causing the Coakley Collapse

You know the Establishment is out of ideas when the anointed successor to Edward Moore Kennedy has to bring in Bill Clinton to try to pull out a win in the only state that didn't go for Richard Nixon in 1972 (but that did go for Reagan in 1984) and he actually says "You have to decide whether you want to be a tomorrow country or a yesterday country". Click HERE for the WaPo article.

Actually, yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. But that matters not. All that is happening in 3 days is a vote for one of 100 Senators, not a vote for a silly term such as a tomorrow or yesterday country, whatever that means (time's arrow moves in one direction even for reactionaries).

This blog is a good-government advocate. Good ideas can come from anywhere, but they will be useless if they are misused in the modern way that funnels the wealth of the country to the insiders. Partisan politics in the United States has devolved into the Depublicans sharing the riches with the Remocrats, periodically alternating into the Republicrats splitting the riches amongst themselves, with some fringy people such as Bernard Sanders and Ron Paul and somewhat less fringy people such as Richard Shelby and Russ Feingold being ignored by the MSM during disgraces such as the enactment of TARP. The subtext of the astonishing surge by an obscure Republican state senator to what appears to be parity with Martha Coakley is found in the WaPo article:

"Right now, it's broken here in Beacon Hill," Brown said Friday at a campaign event beside former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, summoned to commend Brown's anti-terrorism credentials and to slam Coakley. "There's one-party rule that's contributing to three speakers being indicted, three senators resigned in disgrace. One's in jail right now."

"In Washington, there's no debate," Brown continued. "Everything's being done in the back rooms. The health-care bill, we've lost faith, and we need to send it back to start over."

Three consecutive speakers indicted; three state senators resigned.

In other words, it's the corruption, stupid. The arrogance of power and all that.

When I was advised a decade ago by a Washington insider that bipartisan corruption in the Federal Government had reached highs not seen by all three generations of his family in their lifetimes, I knew something was rotten. Eventually rotting things stink, and the electorate smells it. Given all the gifts from taxpayers to international Big Finance over the past 15 or so months, which continues under the ruse of an anti-deflationary zero interest-rate policy and other Fed and Federal programs, it is obvious that the looting continues. Even Massachusett((e)s voters may have decided that between two bad choices, gridlock is a lesser evil than one-party rule.

If Martha Coakley, who was elected Attorney General in 2006 with (merely) 73% of the vote, joins Jon Corzine and Creigh Deeds on the list of Democratic unpersons, the main message may well be that the public is mad as hell at the p0wers that be that have given us bread, circuses and misery while enriching and entrenching themselves in over-the-top style. They know well that an unreformed Republican Party is not the answer, but they are hoping, perhaps against hope, that the country can return to the days of FDR when the Government appeared to actually work for the people rather than the powerful (not that it was as simple as that narrative), or of Eisenhower when a vicuna overcoat and oriental rug were given to Ike's powerful Chief of Staff Sherman Adams--who was fired in less than one day by Eisenhower when he learned of the apparent bribe.

Even loyal Democrats and other Obama voters are disheartened by the realization that candidate Obama was another liar, just like so many of his predecessors, but one who they actually believed was different. Now it's a fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me story. This realization has led to the following observation in Massachusetts, also from the WaPo article:

There was no shortage of dismay on the ballroom floor. "I'm from the Cape. There's Scott Brown signs everywhere," said Pam Alden of Sagamore. "What I don't know is if there's enough time. There's $3 million being poured in. Are we already tired? Will we listen?"

Scott Brown signs all over the Cape where John Kerry began to lose the campaign while windsurfing so skillfully? Heavens forfend!

If the upset actually happens (and Brown's camp is trying to curb its enthusiasm), Hollywood couldn't have scripted it better.

Mr. Brown goes to Washington?

Win or lose, heckuva job, Brownie.

Even if you're no James Stewart, if you are elected it will be to channel Jefferson Smith.

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