Saturday, January 9, 2010

Government and Markets not Reality-Based

The public has begun to see the incoherence of the image candidate Obama presented vs. the reality of President Obama. Candidate Obama vigorously opposed the individual mandate to buy health insurance that Hillary Clinton advocated. He soothingly said that this was the wrong path. You haven't heard much about that view of his lately: that was so 2008! Candidate Obama wanted a quick withdrawal from Iraq. Huh? Candidate Obama favored openness in Govt. Wrong! Candidate Obama and also President Obama made nice to the "Muslim world" (whatever that is), only to be rewarded with jihadists (sorry, isolated extremists) attacking America's military at Fort Hood and then on flight 253 two weeks ago.

Now the President has carefully stated that America is at war with al Qaeda. But Major Hasan was not an al Qaeda member and I'm not sure if the Pantybomber was one either. The obvious truth is that America is at war with Islamic terrorists. It is not the world's most difficult task to rule out the great majority of air travelers from needing screening. Conversely, it is not that difficult to identify Muslims as Muslims and pay more attention to them than to Confucians or Christians. (And because Umar was a Nigerian, the many Christian Nigerians are to be treated as just as dangerous as Muslim Nigerians when flying.)

The politically correct idiocy of refusing to overtly profile air travelers is coming home to roost. The breezy argument that if no group but Muslims were carefully searched when flying, the jihadists would simply convert grandmas from Wisconsin to become suicide bombers lacks persuasiveness. It is DIFFICULT to convert someone to a new religion, much less to blow oneself up in the air and murder hundreds of people. These types of converts, such as Richard Reid, John Walker Lindh (not a suicide bomber, just a traitor), and the Pantybomber gave plenty of warning before joining the war on America.

Instead we got a President who bowed and scraped before the king of Saudi Arabia and who solemnly asserted that the United States would respect the "right" of women to wear the jihab (the right, that is, that their male masters asserted along with the right to murder women for allegedly violating shariah law).

Economies deteriorate gradually, just as over time, authoritarian governments often lose power due to the loss of successive power groups in the country switching loyalties. As the Western world begins to irradiate air travelers whether or not they are priests, Sikhs, Congresspeople, etc.; and forces people to devote more and more time to getting to airports early, it must realize there is a price to pay and the economy will pay it.

The same common sense that makes people rebel against health insurance "reform" that begins primarily with tax increases and delays the (alleged) benefits of the "reform" for several years makes people detest a government that can't focus on identifying Islamic radicals who want to travel on airplanes and that instead reserves the right to virtually strip search a modern-day Friar Tuck for any or no reason.

The same common sense that people use when they see small businesses shrinking makes them recoil in horror when they learn that the Bureau of Labor Statistics imputes significant growth month after month in small business employment based on nothing more than hope.

The public does not expect miracles from the abstraction called "the economy". It simply expects its elected and appointed officials to think clearly and tell the truth. Instead we get evasions about who the enemy is and lies about the economy.

More and more this is an extend and pretend government that needs to leave Fantasyland and come home. Investors need to know that this applies to their money as well.

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  1. So, you appear not to admire Barack Hussein O? As I understand it his role is to destroy the middle classes, continuing the work of the Bush gang, who have multiple connections with the company. Not the CIA, that is just another cover.
    So he seems to be doing his job. Radicalizing America will help to introduce revolution and this will enable martial law. Once all the money has been sucked out. I can see how that might not sit well with you.

    But why should an ?Australian/non-American care? The rectification of America using Hegelian principles, has been in effect for a while now. The rest of the world possibly cares only that the world's greatest terrorist is de fanged as quickly as possible. And that reparations begin.

    Wake up, Doc! Tune in. Join in the fun. BHO is on message, lying to those who have swallowed lies for years. Eisenhower warned everyone!

  2. Fungus: Eisenhower did indeed warn us. Isn't it something that with his background, he was the lonely voice decrying the rise of the military and the to-be institutionalized "permanent war".

    I'm glad an Australian cares.