Monday, February 22, 2010

Afghans and Americans Similar in Preference for Less Government

In Afghan official who will govern Marja pays first visit, makes plea to residents, the Washington Post incidentally supported the Tea Party. The piece begins with a description of officaldom making its case to its fellow Afghans to support the Kabul government with goodies from America. Then it says:

But several residents said they were less interested in government services than being left alone. The principal cash crop in Marja is opium-producing poppy, and many farmers are wary that the establishment of local governance and a police force will put an end to what has been a lucrative way of life for them.

Polls show that Americans think that the Federal government wastes vast amounts of money. Afghans know what their government is about, as the article continues:

Halfway through the meeting, one participant stood and proclaimed himself a Talib. "I have nothing against the Americans, but I don't like our government," farmer Ali Mohammed said to Zahir. "It steals all the money that the foreigners give us."

Nice to know that they think we are more honest than their own government.

Home rule, small government, freedom to operate small entrepreneurial enterprises, that's the preferred Afghan way.

At least in this regard, our government should listen to the Afghan people rather than killing them.

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