Saturday, April 16, 2011

Libya: You CIA You Want a Revolution

The Jerusalem Post reports:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the NATO allies were searching for ways to provide funds to the rebels, including helping them to sell oil from areas they control.

"The opposition needs a lot of assistance, on the organizational side, on the humanitarian side, and on the military side," she said.

It looks as though the U. S. has moved from nation-building to revolution-building.

Meanwhile, two factoids.

First, the news showed video yesterday of Muammar Qaddafi standing in an open vehicle being driven around Tripoli, leading a pep rally, in an area of buildings any of which could have housed a sniper. Is it possible that security forces could have cleared or vetted every apartment, office and passageway to have guaranteed his safety? When was the last time an American President did that sort of thing? November 22, 1963?

Second, a Wikipedia search of Libya reveals that it ranks first in Africa in the Human Development Index. First? One would have thought from the MSM's unquestioning acceptance of the "rightness" that Qaddafi is worth fighting to remove that they would be near the last.

The Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya . . .

Do you think 4-star General and then President Eisenhower had a point when he singled out the military-industrial complex in his farewell address?

I'm for a strong defense, but what the U. S. has been doing since the late '90s is looking more and more problematic.

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