Sunday, September 6, 2009

Physicians Comment on Health Care Reform

In advance of the President's speech to Congress a few days from now on health care reform, it may be interesting to consider a point of view generally lacking from the debate, that of a practicing physician, in this an academic cardiologist. While I do not agree with every specific point or implication in this WaPo op-ed, I am sympathetic to the overall message. Additionally, I would ask the lawyer-in-chief and the lawyer-heavy Congress whether they and their practicing-lawyer colleagues would trade places with doctors both under the current system or under the proposed health care reform. The answer is--not many. Lawyers value their professional independence too much and insist on the ability to set their own rates. Yet access to courts, not physicians, is a Constitutional right. Sauce for the goose . . .

You may click HERE for the link to Dr. Feldman's op-ed (note I "hate" the title, which likely was added by a staffer to help "sell" the op-ed in cyberspace).

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