Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Geithner, Rangel: Who's Next?

Following the revelations that Barack Obama loved Tim Geithner so much that the President-elect could look past Mr. Geithner's repeated self-favoring tax errors, we now have someone who it would appear did not report the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth to Congress on financial matters allowed by leadership to continue to run the House Ways and Means Committee. From "The Hill", Pelosi to let Rangel keep post as GOP steps up its attacks:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will let Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) keep his chairmanship despite his failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets on federal disclosure forms, according to Democratic aides.

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee’s latest misstep has received strong media scrutiny and prompted good-government watchdog groups to call for a special counsel investigation.

Growing ethical turmoil surrounding Rangel has prompted calls for Pelosi to yank Rangel’s gavel. . .

These are the same Democrats who had two themes that allowed them to sweep the 2006 Congressional elections, one theme being to "drain the swamp" of corruption the Republicans in power for 12 years allegedly caused. It would appear that money-hunger is bipartisan.

The combination of bipartisan rewards to the financial industry that donates so much to politicos and that provides a superbly-compensated place for many in government to go after their work on behalf of the public, plus evidence of money-hunger by those in government, is corrosive to the faith of thoughtful observers that the system is fair toward the little guy or small investor.

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