Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gold and Gold Stocks Could Be Ready to Rock

Jim Sinclair and his coterie may just be right.  $1600 could be in the rearview mirror now or soon.  The Cyprus mess could be a catalyst.  From a gold-bullish standpoint, I like the fact that the US media are almost ignoring it.  Also, the other thing I like is that oil is down and gold is up.  This is the one fundamental trend that actually increases the attractiveness of gold stocks.  We saw this after Lehman collapsed.

ABX has a new CEO who has stopped almost all exploration and is focusing on financial returns (he was the CFO under the prior CEO, Mr. Regent).  This could be a winner for a while.  Another very small company that is not a miner and has a high but fixed cost of gold production is a South African processor of old gold waste DRDGOLD, symbol DRD on the NYSE.

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