Monday, June 7, 2010

Afghan News Courtesy of Pakistani Newspaper

From The Nation, likely the leading English-language Pakistani on-line news journal, a piece running now, titled US drone or spy plane shot down in Marjah:

Mujahideen shot down a US invaders' unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or pilotless spy plane which fell onto the ground in Marjah , the wreckage of which is still lying scattered across the area. In another news form Helmand, Mujahideen, in two separate encounters with the combined invaders and their minions in Marjah, killed five NATO invaders with two of their local puppets and wounded 7 more NATO invaders in the late afternoon hours of the Sunday. (Taliban website)
More news:
9 NATO invaders killed in Kandahar
Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
A planted mine tore through a group of NATO troops Monday noon , killing or wounding more than 9 cowardly invaders, who were on attack mission against Mujahiddin in Arghandab district of Helmand. (Taliban website)
Mujahideen kill three NATO invaders in Badgish
Mujahideen killed three NATO soldiers with wounding another in an encounter in Atash Sang district of Badghis on Sunday. (Taliban website)
3 US invaders killed, 5 injured in Wardag
About 3 American invaders got killed with 5 more seriously hurt on Sunday as two of their tanks were hit by Mujahideen through RPGs in Sayedabad district of Wardag. (Taliban website)
Four US troops killed in Baghlan
Zabihullah Mujahid
At least four American invading troops were killed on Sunday as their military tank got hit by destroyed in Mujahideen's mortar rounds in Central Baghlan district, Baghlan province. (Taliban website)
Mujahideen kill four American terrorists in Ningarhar
Zabihullah Mujahid
During countrywide operation al-Fath, Mujahideen killed four American cowardly invaders with their tank destroyed in a face-to-face fighting in Khgianu district of Ningarhar on Sunday. (Taliban website)
Two tanks of NATO invaders eliminated in Helmand
Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
Two of tanks of the NATO cowardly forces got hit and destroyed in Mujahideen planted mine blast yesterday afternoon (June 06) killing almost all the invaders in the tanks. (Taliban website)

How much overlap between the different reports there is, and how much truth there is, of course I can't begin to comment. It is clear, however, that there is a certain-- how may we say it-- unpopularity of the U. S. and NATO presence in Afghanistan in the editors of this English-language journal.

Here is a recent AP review of some of the above events.

All this so that the Karzai gang can control the narcotics trade?

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