Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Talking Trash but Leaving the Country Leaderless

What has happened to this country when in an obviously scripted and almost certainly poll-tested maneuver, the President of the United States concludes a response to a TV interview question by stating that he seeks "ass" to "kick"?

My view in 2008 was that he was the most unqualified Presidential victor in over 100 years, if not of all time, as he lacked essentially any executive experience and almost any legislative experience. Now it's also clear that he lacks class. This was pandering, pure and simple, as a response to criticism of his handling of the oil spill.

This is not how they are supposed to talk at Harvard Law.

We found out in the campaign that he has a good outside jump shot. But neither that fact talking trash doesn't change the fact that he predicted a 7% unemployment rate if Congress passed ARRA ("stimulus"). He got 10%. Response: blame Bush. And even though the public still blames Bush, it's not clear that this is helping the current President much.

Now he has an apparent growth slowdown. And somehow Rasmussen is reporting a 9 point generic edge for Republicans in the generic Congressional ballot.

Speaking in a crude vernacular is not what is required to win re-election, help his Party, or get employers to hire again.

And when the currency vigilantes turn their sights to the U. S., they won't give two figs for tough talk. The only thing that matters are the country's finances, and the world's confidence in the country's abilities to pay its bills.

This is where aggressive leadership, using the King's English, is required.

The regular new highs in gold prices show that this leadership has been lacking.

The President needs to elevate his game, not use the language of mean streets from which he did not in fact come to try to overcome his perceived executive failings.

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