Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Apple of Corporate America's Eye?

Changewave Research (Emailed communication) reports that various Apple products are catching on in IT departments in corporations faster than mainstream analysts are projecting:

Apple. Planned corporate Mac buying has hit a new all time high, with 12% saying their company will be buying Mac laptops and 7% desktops in the 3rd quarter. . .

Surging Corporate iPad Demand. A total of 4% of respondents say their company has already purchased Apple iPad tablets – a very impressive number for a product less than two months on the market. Even more impressive, going forward 6% say their company plans on purchasing iPads in the next 90 days.
Also, every year, people who grew up recognizing the advantages of the Mac family and enjoying the iPod gain corporate market share, as it were, over the old-timers who are used to Wintel.
The kernel of the Mac family's operating system is intrinsically impervious to viruses. So the multiyear total cost of ownership can be less than for Wintel computers, and simpler.
No one knows, especially in a very dangerous global economy, but it would appear that with the so-far resounding success of the iPad, and with very clean finances, Apple Inc. is one of the few large companies with significant growth baked in the cake.
For what it's worth, AAPL and gold are seeing profit-taking today. It would be interesting if they start trading in a correlated fashion.
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