Friday, December 11, 2009

All into the VAT: The Land of the Fee

Surprise! The Times pushes more taxes in Many See the VAT Option as a Cure for Runaway Deficits:

Runaway federal deficits have thrust a politically unsavory savior into the spotlight: a nationwide tax on goods and services.

Members of Congress, like their constituents, are squeamish about such ideas, instead suggesting spending cuts or higher taxes on the rich. But with a lack of political will to do the former, and a practical ceiling to how much revenue can be milked from the latter, economists across the political spectrum say a consumption tax may be inevitable once the economy fully recovers.

Right, they're so very squeamish that following the large tax increases that healthcare "reform" is supposed to bring, the Party that either cares or doesn't care about deficits depending on what advances the Cause of Big Government is already back with one of its house organs, the happily-shrinking New York Times, pushing more taxes that are supposed to "pay for" the "stimulus" that now is going to be permanent.

Squeamish, my body part!

Note the use of the term "inevitable". Just like the Borg. Resistance is futile. So drink the hopium, don't worry, be happy, just render unto Caesar whatever Caesar wants.

Why will "stimulus" and similar "emergency" spending be permanent so long as the Party in power stays in power?

Because the votes of the dependent many outweigh the votes of everyone else. Fifty percent plus one. That's the strategy. Resistance is futile. That's the psychologic strategy.

Tax and spend. Or in the current incarnation, spend, then yowl that more taxes are needed. Does anyone fail to notice that more taxes will then allow more spending? And so on till all the relevant means of production fall to the Party.

Healthcare, autos, banking, food (i. e. food stamps), housing, etc. This was the land of the free. Now it's the land of the fee. (Fee-dom's just another word for nothing left to lose?)

You can be quite ordinary politically to be very disappointed at the extent to which government has gone far beyond providing a social safety net into central planning. I thought we won the Cold War.

And where was the Nobel Peace Prize for that victory to Reagan/Bush I? Sorry, wrong Party. Hopium/changium: that's what the Peace Prize is for if you're politically correct.

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