Saturday, December 19, 2009

Article on the Census not Sensible

You know the Establishment is grasping at straws when a decennial, predictable event is touted as being able to "spark" the economy. In Economists See a Lift in 2010 Census, the New York Times leads off this national article (i.e., one not relegated to the business section) as follows:

Next year’s census will not only count people, it will also put money in millions of pockets and potentially create a well-timed economic spark.

I stopped reading shortly thereafter. Any "economist" who believes that people creating lots of carbon emissions by driving around town, then parking and knocking on people's doors to ask questions can provide vitality to the economy has an incomplete understanding of what a healthy economy comprises. One of many rejoinders to this point of view is that the article could just as easily have said that providing free money AKA welfare (as in corporate welfare to Big Finance or to retirees) can "spark" the economy. It's call money-printing and it DOES NOT WORK.

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