Thursday, December 24, 2009

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels on a Geologic Time Frame

Yours truly spent time is his young adulthood in an evolutionary biology Ph. D.-level course of study and was interested, post-Copenhagen, to review matters studied decades earlier.

You may click on the graph for more detail.

The Earth is at historically very low levels of atmospheric CO2 levels. A rise will do more for agricultural productivity than depleting the earth of nutrients to goose yields, I suspect. A foot higher sea levels? Even Miami wouldn't notice it, much less New York or California.

Cap and trade is a clear scam to benefit crooks and Big Finance (there is some difference); Europe has already apparently had a multi-billion Euro heist. Why not simply tax gasoline sales, oil and coal companies receipts, etc?

The famous "hockey stick" 1000 year temperature graph of 10 years ago has been proven to have been a fraud, as it eliminated the Medieval Warm Period. Why is Greenland called what it is called, after all?

(The position at EBR is that all resources, including carbon, should be used with caution; "growth" as a primary goal of social and political thought is dangerous; sustainability and quality of life are important factors; diminished volatility in markets is good; trying to reblow bubbles or sustain the dying from burst bubbles is bad. Yours truly has no idea whether the earth is warming much and what the future trend will be, and whether CO2, a weak greenhouse gas, makes much difference in the scheme of things.)

Draw your own conclusions.

Remember how many special interests stand to gain from imposition of cap and trade, control of your life from carbon permits and taxes, etc.; do not accept subservience to Dr. Al Gore et al. After all, it is he and his ilk who travel the world in private jets, not you.

Gandhis, none of them.

Think different.

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