Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pave We Must

The WSJ shows that Barack Obama likes road work in the U. S. and in Afghanistan in Surge Focus is Roads, Police:

The troop surge in Afghanistan will focus on expanding and connecting safe areas of the country, and on revamping the troubled Afghan police, the U.S.-led coalition's day-to-day commander said in an interview.

"There are pockets of security -- but they are not connected," Gen. Rodriguez, who heads the newly established International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, said during a visit to Herat. "Afghan people need, in addition to being secure, to be able to move to places that are important to them, such as to sell farm produce. We've got to be able to expand the secure areas for the people, and improve their freedom of movement."

It's apparently not enough to "stimulate" our economy by doing road work. Perhaps the poorest country in Asia needs the same, it appears. But where is the money coming from for us to do all this? China or thin air? And when these roads are built, can't the Taliban use them for easier transit as well?

The Democrats who claimed to detest nation-building in Iraq love it now. But there had been no great financial crisis then. There has been one now. What appeared affordable looks much less so now. Changing times call for changing strategies. Many people expected more creativity from President Obama than they are getting. We can hope for the best, but this continues to look to Viet Nam-like to make this old anti-war protester comfortable.

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