Sunday, May 2, 2010

Larry Kudlow Gets It Right: Monetary Policy Over Easy Needs to Come Off the Griddle

King Dollar claptrap aside, I actually just found a Larry Kudlow article which I like! Will wonders never cease:
Obamacon Doves vs. Hard-Money Heartland Hawks. Here's a nice thought:

My own view is that we need a dose of what I call cowboy monetarism. By that, I mean the Fed should surprise Wall Street traders with unexpected policy restraint in order to keep them from taking excessive risks in their financial dealings. Like the cowboys of the Old West, who would act in their own defense at a moment's notice, the Fed should not be afraid to pull the trigger on some small restraining moves now to prevent new financial bubbles and an outbreak of inflation down the road.

Not that cowboys are/were really unpredictable, but the thought is good. The old (younger) Greenspan of the 1990's really shook them up with large interest rate moves down and up following the 1990 recession. Gentle Ben can do it again.

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