Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Is Going on Politically at the New York Times?

Are we back to the Clinton-scourging Times?

First, they break the story that Connecticut AG and lib fave Richard Blumenthal lied about serving in Viet Nam rather than during the war. Now they are referring to mre experts in attacking their big fave Mr. Barack Obama himself in Scientists Fault Response of Government to Oil Spill in Gulf:

Tensions between the Obama administration and the scientific community over the gulf oil spill are escalating, with prominent oceanographers accusing the government of failing to conduct an adequate scientific analysis of the damage and of allowing BP to obscure the spill’s true scope.

Putting the Obama name rather than no name or that of a lower-level person in the first paragraph does not happen accidentally at the lead story on the Web version of the Times. Is someone at the newspaper of record responding to polls? Will someone at the Times decry the libs and the president taking the simple name "Tea Party" and turning it into the Tea-Bag Party and then from the unobjectionable tea bag, which I use to create a hot beverage now and then and for which I and hundreds of millions or even billions of people use only for that purpose, tarring members of this party with a fetishistic/pornographic use of said implement? Will the poobahs attack Woody Allen for supporting a dictatorship of the One?

Strange things may be happening as more and more Americans fall out of enchantment with the unknown they voted into power in the strange environment of the fall of 2008.

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