Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Turbulence is Here

The chart pattern on the TLT, a proxy for the long Treasury, looks marvelous. The angle of the ascent is much greater than the gentle slope of the downtrend, which on the descent from the high in price in December 2008 (low in yield) was much sharper.
Given that the Asian markets are collapsing and that risk assets such as silver and platinum are down while gold is up, it is easier and easier to look at the analogy of the dollar breakout against the Euro against general skepticism and project a counter-trend bull market in Treasuries.

Meanwhile, the S&) 500 volatility index (VIX) is nearly at 25, a level which a simple review of the long-term VIX chart suggests is average for turbulent periods. Much above 25 presents the intrepid stock picker a tradeable entry point.

The evils of too much debt and too much financial complexity are making themselves obvious. Gold continues to shine, dully, in this sort of environment.

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