Monday, July 20, 2009

CDC Proposes a New Policy to Now Allow HIV Positive Patients to Immigrate to the U. S.

While linking to an article about al-Qaeda supposedly now targeting overseas Chinese workers, yours truly found himself on Pravda. At the top of the page was the news that the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC") is planning to change settled policy and allow HIV positive immigrants to settle in the U. S.

See the Pravda and CDC links as highlighted.

This is political pandering of the worst kind by the CDC. It is certain to lead to additional deaths of Americans. Secondarily, it is certain to increase health care costs.

Shame on the CDC for bowing to the wishes of its new masters in Washington.

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  1. I guess Obama will reduce cost by killing the masses...get a few HIV legal immigrants to infest everyone and reduce the population, ah?

  2. Outrageous! Reading the CDC's website justification to drop the ban on HIV positive immigrants is positively Orwellian. The political lackeys at CDC who proposed this dangerous drop in protection need to fired. I hope some members of Congress will have the courage to stop this CDC folly.