Friday, July 10, 2009

Update: ECRI Remains Bullish on the End of the Recession

In the immediately previous post today, Is ECRI Backing Off of Its Optimism, I noted some change in the quote Reuters attributed to ECRI's Managing Director, Dr. L Achuthan, which raised the question of whether some private indicators ECRI looks at had weakened since its bullish call of not long ago.

Dr. Achuthan has since E-mailed me to say that he is on vacation and that Reuters has misquoted him and that ECRI's indicators remain strong for a recovery in the economy this summer.

Here's hoping!

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  1. If equities were cheaply valued, fixed income securities were yielding more than 0%, we weren't facing a jobless recovery, and there was real reform of the FIRE economy pending, I'd be celebrating the ECRI forecast.

    I'll take a pass on the party for now.