Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wall Street Under Oath Reviewed by EBR

I have published a review of Ferdinand Pecora's Wall Street Under Oath at Naked Capitalism.
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  1. Today is there anyone like Pecora who will fight the multi-headed Wall Street beast and make an historic difference? Thank you, DoctoRx, for showing that one man can fight Wall Street and make an historic difference.

    To make a difference today, mass prosecutions are needed in style of the Maxiprocesso (Maxi Trial) of the Mafia in Sicily during the mid-1980s that resulted in hundreds of defendants convicted. If Pecora, an assistant District Attorney and immigrant from Sicily, were here today, I think this time he would lead a RICO prosecution and MaxiTrial of the Wall Street Mafia.

    It takes only one prosecutor to investigate just one crime, and follow the money and the connected crimes, and bring down the entire criminal enterprise using a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) prosecution. This is a target rich environment, and the criminal activities (fraud, Ponzi schemes, blackmail, looting of treasury, cover-ups, etc.) are continuing today. So the investigation and prosecution can begin anywhere, with Countrywide, the mortgage industry and the appraisers or Freddie and Fannie or Citi and the big banksters or with Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street investment banks and brokerages or the rating agencies or AIG or with the federal co-conspirators at U.S. Treasury, SEC, OTS, and the Federal Reserve or with Hank "the mole" Paulson, Ben "the bag man" Bernanke, Tim "the patsy" Geithner, or the members of Congress who took money to facilitate the criminal enterprise.

    It takes only one prosecutor to bring down the entire mob that raped and pillaged the mortgage industry, ruined the housing market, destroyed the credit system, endangered municipal financing, pension funds, and the banking system, sent the economy into a downward spiral, endangered the world financial system, and now extort the U.S. and the world to pay them billions in ransom or face the destruction of the world financial system and economy.

    Using RICO, it takes only one prosecutor to initiate investigations leading to the arrest and prosecution of the hundreds of criminals responsible for committing the greatest financial crimes in U.S. history.

    It takes only one prosecutor to take off the kid gloves, hit these criminals with the iron fist of justice, and become a national hero...a legend in our time.