Thursday, July 16, 2009

Veep: The Stimulus Is Working

The Washington Post reports in an article about a sort of feud between the elephants and the donkeys:

"To those who say that our economic decisions 'have not produced jobs, have not produced and simply have not worked' I say, take a look around," Biden will say while visiting Cantor's home district.

"I say, 'Don't let your opposition to the Recovery Act blind you to its results. Come see what I see everywhere I go: workers rehired, factories reopened, cops on the street, teachers in the classroom, progress toward getting our economy back on the move.'

Comment: Just look around you. Read the WaPo about all the factories that have reopened and all the workers that have been laid off and then rehired. Read all about it.

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  1. Biden lives in La La land....every day I see more people loosing their jobs or businesses while Obama and his family travels around the world on taxpayers money