Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just in Case You Believe(d) in 'Change You Can Believe In'

In one of the most perhaps unintentionally hilarious starts to an article ever, the non-partisan insider publication "The Hill" has an article today titled Obama is Good for K Street Lobbyists. Just as if it were a summary of a corporate quarterly earnings report, here's the start to the article:

Sweeping proposals to reform the energy, healthcare and financial-services sectors helped K Street shake off a slow start to the year, although corporate belt-tightening continued to be a drag on revenues at some lobbying firms, a preliminary analysis of midyear lobbying revenue totals shows.

Although several firms rebounded during the second quarter, midyear figures still appeared to be down from where they were a year ago. Lobbyists attributed the decline to the problems of the broader economy.

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